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27 November 2016 @ 06:48 pm
submission post #379  
1. Your secrets can be a maximum of 800x600 (not 600x800)pixels.
2. They must be hosted on imgur, imageshack or postimage. (No tinypic etc allowed)
3. The link to your secret should look like this: http://i.imgur.com/pebbxgp.jpg
usually called the 'direct link'. (No other link than DIRECT LINK)
4. Please post the secret link in the submission post
5. Faces must be blurred/masked/hidden even if it's a screen capture, unless it's from a magazine or an ad.
6. People who were gyaru before and and stated they are no longer active/wants to be part in the gaijin gyaru community, will no be posted
7. Names/emails adresses/links/anything similar are not allowed in the secrets