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Gyaru Secrets

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Gyaru Secrets: Every Gal has a Secret...

❤ This community is based off of PostSecret, how it works is very simple~ you use MS Paint or any other graphics program to create a 'secret' about gyaru fashion, whether it be the hate you have for a certain style or how much you secretly love a model, this is where to post your secret!

How it works: Every week a submission post will be posted, then all secrets should be linked there anonymously through TinyPic or ImageShack as the post will be screened, then every Sunday, one of the gals from the moderating team will post a Secrets post containing all of the secrets in them!

IP Logging is off.

**NOTE: If a secret violates a single rule or the size limit, it will not be posted**


- Secrets can be a maximum of 800x600 in size
- Secrets MUST be hosted on Imgur, Tinypic or ImageShack
- The link to your secrets must end by .JPG .PNG .GIF or it will NOT be posted
- The link to your secrets should look like this: " http://i.imgur.com/djfb23ks.jpg "
- Only secrets pertaining to Gyaru will be posted
-Faces must be blurred/masked/hidden even if it's a screen capture, unless it's from a magazine or an ad.
-Names/emails adresses/links/anything similar are not allowed in the secrets
- People who were gyaru before and and stated they are no longer active/wants to be part in the gaijin gyaru community, will no be posted</b>
- Death threats, homophobia and racism is NOT allowed
- Any posting of full names is prohibited! I don't care if it is a 'fake' last name, it must be censored.
- If you want a secret to be removed, you must message the one of the moderators or send them an email msyforyou iluvgyaru xgyarux
- Secrets are only allowed in the submission posts. If you do not post in the proper submission post for the next secret post it will not be posted.

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to message one of the moderators

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